Thursday, October 11, 2007

the second beauty

of a long weekend is the short week that follows.

so here i am, only two days into the school week and tomorrow's already friday. what glory. plus, mis estudiantes are doing el peer review tomorrow which means i won't be doing very much of that crazy "work" business. glory part 2: the beauty of being at the front of the classroom.*

not that the weekend promises to be special; my s.o. already informed me that this is to be a working weekend what with the due date of some kind of kant paper on the horizon. sounds fine to me tho since i have my own ducks to line up or whatever the saying is. making progress tho, making progress.

also, what do people get boys for birthday presents? i'm stumped. i mean, i wanna get something useful or, rather, not useless. but also personal but not icky sweet or anything. this is so difficult!

anyway, g'nite. i'm sleepy.

*not one to ever sell myself short, the real work comes again on monday when i get the pile of papers.

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