Monday, October 1, 2007

october 1: manifesto day

sort of. today's the day (was the day, i guess) that maje academic lockdown starts. i have prelims in a month and a half and it's time to deal with that troublesome little reality. i am honestly more afraid that i'll get stressed out, not be able to sleep and re-break my right eyeball or newly break my left one than i am of failing the exams. so, it's time to prep. if i can get a bunch of writing done ahead of time, then i won't make my self sick in november. that's the running theory right now anyway.

the weekend was nice. saw 'the kingdom' on friday cuz i need my action movies and the j.garner knife fight scene there at the end took care of my need to witness fictional violence. very cleansing. on sat i went to indy and window shopped and then david took me to dinner when i got back. then we got hammered on bad martinis at capp & gino's and spent sunday hungover.

i got a pile of grading today too but since it's october, i can handle it without procrastination. so far. tomorrow i'm gonna go to campus with david super early so i can lock myself in my office and grade at least ten of those little suckers. then i'm gonna exercise and write and return phone calls.

in strange not-actually-news, for those of you who don't know me, i randomly obsess abt words and names. they just get stuck in my head and won't come out. lately, it's been odd euro names knocking abt up here. the ones that are stuck right now are:

hanni, mikka, siri and saskia.

twenty bucks says they'll get stuck in yr head now too. they're pretty little mysteries tho aren't they?

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