Sunday, October 7, 2007

lullaby for strings

if i knew how (or if you could teach me), i'd link gershwin's 'lullaby for strings' to this post so that you could listen to it while you read my champagned version of what it's like for me to listen to it right now. which i'm totally doing. reading this post without the song is really totally pointless so i don't know. i mean, as far as i'm concerned, the rest of gershwin is completely pointless so i would never advise you to buy a cd. i did and the only reason i don't regret it is that i'm obsessed with this song. so, i guess you should email me and i'll send it to you via gmail.

anyway, david and i made the number one tonight which is not some weird sex act but is, instead, a traditional backman family dinner. steak, caeasar salad and baked potatoes. minus the steak for me of course. turns out the d doesn't drink as much champagne as me, so i'm like twelve sheets to the wind. and all i want is more champagne. but there' s no more champagne and here's what i think of 'lullaby for strings.' oh and you should drink a bottle of champagne before you read this so that you're not all judgey and shit.

makes me think of a humid night, couples twirling outside, dancing under twinkly lights. a quiet and slow happiness, very light, very charm and smiles. maybe a girl has a blonde bob with messy curls and charcoaly eye makeup and a chic but ruffley white dress. gardenias and honeysuckles and champagne but late at night after most of the party has died down and only the late night whiskey drinkers are left but they're in their most sweet nostalgic moods so instead of throwing things they breathe deep with sort of heavy hearts.
but, really, i guess i hear myself the first time i heard it. on npr by myself totally alone in my honda crv. i'm waiting quietly sort of spaced out with the windows down on a humid indiana night outside of david's place while he goes to get some sort of school stuff he forgot to get earlier. beckett's in the backseat but i feel totally alone and totally myself with one bare foot propped on the dashbboard.

also i think if i ever had a daughter i would play it for her incessantly. i mean, i'm more passionate about writing a book right now than i am abt getting a daughter. but you can't play a sweet song like this for a book, can you?

oh, email me for the song! i can't bear that no one else has heard it!


lorelai236 said...

I typed "Gershwin Lullaby for Strings" into Google and came across your blog. I love that song and wish I knew how to upload it, too. :)

Great post!

MatDerRan said...

I fall under the same category as loreali236. The noted exception being that I don't have the song to upload. I've only heard it once documentary of an American conductor leading the Soviet version of the Moscow Philharmonic. Loved it then but haven't been able to find it.