Tuesday, October 9, 2007

ghosty got here today!

it looks pretty ridiculous up here in my already crowded bedroom but whatevs. here's a pic (not my apt of course, altho i do have a strikingly similar black candelabra):

i was totally right abt having a backrest. it's lovely.

i was a pretty good girl today: went running at c-bog, did some prelim writing and watched 'reign on me' with don cheadle and adam sandler. i liked it a lot, really. it's not that often that you see movies abt intimacy between male friends and i find it very endearing. don cheadle does such a good job at being funny and vulnerable and annoyed and concerned. i think he's pretty fabulous.

got drinks with somaieh last night at 8 west which was good times. i give myself 2 more hang outs before i stop being sort of nervous tho. i'm never that great at hanging out with new people. i talk abt school too much and fidget.

i made philly cheesesteak without the steak tonight and pasta salad and both were tasty and totally blast from the past. the whole dinner just reminded me of my parents and living at home and how much i miss them b/c they're awesome. i can't wait for brother bear to be on school lifestyle so we can all hang at the same times. i will never give up school lifestyle--even if i have to go back to teaching community college. it just helps me have my life like i want it.

i can't stop thinking abt writing fiction lately. probably b/c prelims are looming. but it's gonna happen, even if it takes the rest of my life.

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