Wednesday, October 24, 2007

delillo is a cali-hater

so i'm putting together answers to my prelim questions now and one is on contemporary representations of landscape/ecological disaster. last night i was collecting quotations from white noise and found this:

"Only a catastrophe gets our attention. We want them, we need them, we depend on them. As long as they happen somewhere else. This is where California comes in. Mud slides, brush fires, coastal erosion, earthquakes, mass killings, et cetera. We can relax and enjoy these disasters because in our hearts we feel that California deserves whatever it gets. Californians invented the concept of life-style. This alone warrants their doom" (66).

sounds to me like delillo's a hater and couches his hateration in the mouths of characters. i don't hate you california! i love you! and i wish you weren't burning down. kim, mills and soandso are really my only friends in socal these days but that's already three too many people to be stuck around clouds and ashes. plus, kim comes with a husband and baby and miller comes with some dogs and a man. i don't know what or who s&s comes with these days but the grand total of people i need to worry abt is already at capacity.

here's a better, more fun quotation tho from winterson's written on the body (my sexiness and desire question) when the gender-free narrator is finally reunited with her/his lover:

"This is where the story starts, in this threadbare room. The walls are exploding. The windows have turned into telescopes. Moon and stars are magnified in this room. The sun hangs over the mantelpiece. I stretch out my hand and reach the corners of the world. The world is bundled up in this room. Beyond the door, where the river is, where the roads are, we shall be. We can take the world with us when we go and sling the sun under your arm. Hurry now, it's getting late. I don't know if this is a happy ending but here we are let loose in open fields." (190).

love it! i am such a sucker for obsessive love novels. ooooh, that might be a fun class to teach! we could do love in the time of cholera, ada or ardor, what else?

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