Friday, September 14, 2007

yeah it's friday yeah yeah yeah

i am finally out from under that pile of grading. i feel like a free girl again. and now that i'm free and the weather's beautiful outside, i think i'm gonna take a big fat nap. you heard me.

i got horrible sleep last night. not only was beckett drooling bulldog spit on my feet, she was also kicking me and then david got up at like 5 to get gatorade or something and then i just couldn't get back to sleep and when i finally did i had a HORRIBLE dream. david and i were stuck at a wedding reception in a haunted house with threatening demon people and dangerous poltergeisty bathrooms. we had to kill a couple of the demon things and then my mom came to save us on a pastel yellow vespa. i've never been happier to see anyone ever, even in my waking life. so do some freud on that shit.

anyway, i'm exhausted but happy. i have the whole weekend to read and i finally won an ebay auction (ebay's like drugs cuz it makes you feel like you've won something when really you're just buying it), so i have an awesome white leather coach bag coming to me sometime soon. i also got $5000 in loan money direct deposited this morning so it's time to go get some drinks on the man. and maybe some nice indian food; i am effing dying for vegetable curry and samosas. and there may be a trip to trader joe's in indy in the near future. i've been totally craving nigella's chili loves cornbread.

oooh, and i have two more discs of heroes season one to watch. yay for fridays!

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