Sunday, September 16, 2007

thumbs down for sundays

i hate sundays very much. especially when they come with a hangover like they did today, courtesy of jameson and guinness and a couple of mfas. thankfully, david was hung over too so we just lazed around and cuddled up until we both felt better. my ultimate hangover cure = black coffee, ice cold coke or coke zero, grilled cheese and one of those frozen blue ice mask things. also, the eventual submersion of yrself in some kind of water situation. if you don't have access to a pool or ocean, then a really long shower. esp if you have a sugar scrub on hand (props to aev for introducing me to the bath+body works kind). oh, and my extensive hangover cure research has uncovered the fact that a late afternoon or early evening makeout sesh makes a dramatic difference.

so does cooking it turns out. my chili loves cornbread experiments have yielded the following vegetarian variation on nigella's version (which is available on

-2 onions, chopped
-2 bell peppers, chopped
-2 cloves garlic, minced
-1 habanero, minced (or 1 tsp cayenne pepper)
-1 big can diced tomatoes (28 oz?), drained
-1 small can corn (i used half a bottle of some trader joe's corn salsa tonight)
-1 small can sliced black olives
-3 cans beans (i like 1 can black beans, 1 can pinto, 1 can white kidney beans)
-1 tsp cumin
-1 tsp chili powder
-1 tbsp cocoa
-1/4 cup ketchup
-salt and pepper to taste
-1 package corn bread mix

so, in an enormous pot (i note here that all my family members have awesome le creuset pots EXCEPT FOR ME), sautee bell peppers onions garlic then dump rest of ingredients in and let the whole thing bubble for a while (approx two-glasses-of-wine in alcoholic's time). meanwhile, preheat oven to 400 and mix up corn bread mix. then pour cornbread mix on top of chili and put the enormous pot in the oven for +/- 40 min until the cornbread is that nice brown color and a knife poked in the middle comes out not covered with uncooked cornbread slime. then let it cool down for like 5 min and eat in a big bowl with sour cream and guacamole (these are totally key).

even tho this sounds like something that frickin semi homemade bitch might make, it's awesome enough that i crave it. plus, you can totally be more o.g. and soak beans overnight, make cornbread from scrach, &c.

anyway, time for me to do some reading. tonight i start jameson's the political unconscious even though i fear that marxism before bed may not be a good idea.


noweverybody said...

Liar. I don't have a spot of le creuset. Tho' thanx to Nate I currently do have access to some.

jen said...

oops, lo siento! i could've sworn you bought yrself one with a gift certificate or something. i must've seen nate's and then written some le creuset fiction in my head.