Thursday, September 20, 2007

mod/con and phil/lit

so today was pretty cool. i finished showing 'trekkies' in my comp class (which meant i didn't have to actually teach anything), i graded stuff for tomorrow, and i went to the first mod/con meeting which i'm totally emotionally !yay! abt. i wish it were in place two years ago when i came to this lonely town but, hey, what're you gonna do? and since this new group coincides with aev's dicta abt the importance of service on ye old curriculum vitae, i figure it must be time to 'get involved.' i am, as a rule, not a joiner. but this group involves talking abt lit, helping each other out with the whole getting-through-grad-school process, and drinking heavily after meetings so i'm all aboard. now all i have to do is to convince everyone to buy vespas, get matching literary tats while rocking black liquid eyeliner and we will have formed the band of mod readery peeps i've always dreamed of.

at any rate, i enjoyed a couple of guinnesss with that lot before picking up david and heading home for pasta&wine thursday. oh, and some toasted baguette, olive oil and balsamic which is the new awesome treat for me.

tomorrow means yay for weekend and yay for a party since the d and i are venturing out to west laf for samantha and alden's joint birthday party. since it's primarily philosophy people, i expect to have an interesting evening. in fact, i think i might devise a safe word just in case. you never know with these philosophy types.

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