Thursday, September 27, 2007

major migraine action

was yesterday. i took my relpax and passed the eff out. then i woke up, felt good and did the dishes. yay for relpax! except for the weirdass tightness of chest and shoulders and hurtiness of lips. weirdola. but that passes within an hr. and i had gracious students tho who totally let me teach with the lights off.

yesterday i also fell in love with gershwin's lullaby for strings which is the most charming, soothing thing i've heard in forever. and i don't even like gershwin. you should listen to it before bed.

oh, and i found the exemplar section from the political unconscious for why i find it so dull! now, it does occur to me that i might do better to watch my mouth more on this blog, but whatevs. so here's the sentences:

'the moment of rationalization, then, is weber's equivalent of marx's notion of the universalization of equivalent labor-power, or the commodification of all labor; yet if we see the latter subterranean infrastructural process as the objective precondition for the former developments in the relations of production and throughout the superstructure there need be no particular inconsistency between the two accounts.'

shoooooot, that's boring.

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