Monday, September 3, 2007

the long weekend

was just the sort of blissful laziness i imagined it could be. even tho i spent most of it pretty well stoned off of cold medicine, i had a nice time. one highlight was going to dinner at maize last night and having a really fun bottle of seghesio zinfandel. another highlight was buying three fashion mags (well, two fashion and one home) and reading them all in a day with coffee in my favorite black sleeper dress from anthro. i think d and i watched, like, at least 10 hrs of 24 this weekend and got totally sick of it. that show has some really dumb ass plot lines.

i'm finishing up 'lacan to the letter' tonight and tomorrow, i think. right now i'm learning how the phallus equals the square root of negative one. and earlier, lacan zonked my brain with this:

this, of course, is the complete graph of desire. who knew it was so complicated?

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