Monday, September 10, 2007

i should be grading papers

but i don't wanna. at least not yet anyway. this afternoon i had grand plans of exercising and grading at least 10 papers. now i just want to watch heroes on dvd and drink the rest of the cab i started with dinner. maybe i'll compromise and grade five papers and finish the cab. as long as i don't finish the cab first, i'm good. more than one wine before grading = extra bitchy teacher. i also picked up another british fiction survey from ILL today so there's that to look forward to. blech. i miss summer when i let myself read only fiction.

so the weekend was sort of blah. i totally PMSed david on saturday night by getting ultra grumpy, insisting that there's nothing fun left to do in the world and then falling asleep on my bed with all the lights on until 6am. luckily, i think he digs me enough to overlook bitchfest 2007 and also he totally fell asleep next to me like 5 min after he said we should go to the bar. and, people not from lafayette, i really do mean BAR. there's one that's decent. and i'm still bored of it and i don't even have pms anymore.

but school's pretty cool. my students start their ethnography project on weds with a test-run by going to observe/eavesdrop on people at pmu. it's always pretty fun to see what they come up with. and not to be too geeky, but i am looking forward to reading what they've come up with for their first paper. it's just that the big stack of them is sort of daunting. but, hey, i actually have a job that makes me want to work hard. and when i work hard, it's for them--each individual little writer--and for me cuz the more i grade, the quicker i get at finding writing problems.

like right now, i'd say i have a transition problem. cuz i got outbid on a bag on ebay and i'm bummed but it in no way relates to my previous paragraph. also, i find nicole richie so effing funny and i just love her mod styles here:

i would totally give me a C on this post b/c it's rambly and has no conclusion.

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