Tuesday, September 25, 2007

good tuesday

today was rather nice and pretty productive. i'm getting my prelim questions together and picking out the books i want to use in my answers. and i did the elliptical today which always makes me feel more together. soon, i will know what a certificate of origin is and will figure out how to get one. then, i can register my car in indiana instead of driving around with expired arizona tags.

i feel grateful for little things today, like omg on yahoo b/c they have celebrity pictures for me to look at. like how, in my dream during a late afternoon nap today, beckett didn't ultimately fall off this really tall tower she was climbing on. like how david looks really cute making grilled cheese and tomato soup in his black t-shirt and black adidas lounge pants. that kind of stuff.

anyway, i do better emotionally when i pay attention to the smaller things. i tend to get easily overwhelmed by the looming responsibilities, you know. even if they loom small like the dmv (or bmv, as indiana has it) or like how my keys smell oddly and resiliently of onions. for reals and for serious, i can't make my keys stop smelling like onions. i even soaked them overnight in a bowl of dish soap and scrubbed at them with disinfectant towelettes. it's getting ridiculous over here. i'm not even kidding. did you put the onion smell on my keys?

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