Tuesday, September 18, 2007

getting it together

starting tomorrow.

for reals tho, there are like 900 things i need to deal with and i just end up watching heroes for three hrs at a time. i was on the old elliptical this morning and i took a look around my apartment and just abt died at how cluttered, covered with dog hair, filled with papers and just generally disastery everything was. and i've let the rest of my life pile up all around me too. when the errands (like registering my dumb car in indiana b/c my az tags have expired, calling the insurance company abt yet another set of mystery bills, taking beckett to the vet for new allergy meds, etc) pile up, i feel increasingly crazy and increasingly bad. how have i not learned my lesson abt procrastination yet? at least i learned my lesson abt procrastinating doctor's appointments; i don't do that anymore.

plus, i'm a total fat ass now. yup. fat assssssssssss. i just can't seem to get a handle on myself right now and it's very frustrating. so maybe this writing it out will help with the motivation. i absolutely hate feeling like everything is wheeling off in a million directions; it makes me feel overwhelmed and frizzy and scattered like i can't concentrate on one thing for very long. so to the end of feeling more like an efficacious human being, i took out three bags of trash today (even tho the dumpster by my house is VERY smelly), i cleaned off the disaster that was my kitchen island and i did two loads of laundry. tomorrow, i will do more small things.

is it kind of weird that somehow drinking more water also seems like a sensible part of the plan? i must be dehydrated or something. or maybe i'm just going crazy.

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