Saturday, September 22, 2007

cold pasta just saved my life

i am so hungover that i don't know how anything is ever gonna be okay ever again.

i brought a bottle of woodford reserve to the party last night and thus drank whiskey all night long. and a couple o white russians since it was a big lebowski theme. and a huge gross shot of vodka that winship made everyone drink. and raven told me she had to hold my boobs while she took the shot so she did.

then i talked my boring drunk talk abt my dog and weight watchers to poor unsuspecting bystanders. then we danced and somehow winship ended up on david's back like a monkey and then we took a cab home. when i woke up the tv was on, there were chips all over the table, my wallet on the floor with all the cards spilling out and also a menu for chinese food on the floor. plus i'm still wearing the shirt i wore last night and i can't get the mascara and eyeliner off from under my eyes even tho i've washed my face twice.

good party. i might die.

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