Saturday, August 18, 2007


why are office chairs so expensive? they're all ugly as sin, full of plastic (which i *abhore* in most home furnishings) and still more or less uncomfortable. i'm turning into an effing granny over here, writing on a cute 50s stool instead of buying something that's posture friendly. but i can't help it with all the ugliness and expensiveness out there! hufffffff.

and i still don't want to start school and this is my last saturday night and i have no idea what i want to do with it because i live in a stupid town with no fun places to go (i'm sick of the knickerbocker!) and grrrrrrrr.

also, i googled myself today for the sport of it and discovered that some other person with my name has an entire website devoted to serenity. now, this is bloody weird. b/c david and i JUST TONIGHT finished watching firefly and i wish that series had continued and i literally miss (like i miss with novels) the characters and, even tho the movie was decent, i hate what they did to wash and the shepherd. but believe it, peeps, i would never actually make and maintain a website devoted to a tv show or movie. at least not yet, in the off-chance that i myself write a tv show or movie at which point i probably would devote some time to a web presence if you know what i mean.

now snuffleuffagus downstairs is making it clear that she needs to go for a walk so i guess i'm going but i'm not happy abt it.

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DSW said...

Firefly has to be my fave short-lived series and while I'm quite disappointed in Wash and Shep's deaths, that is a MO of Whedon's and one I've come to expect.

Just so you know, there is a BBC motion picture in the works (written by Whedon) tentatively titled "Ripper" and ostensibly its all about Giles. Might not be too shabby.

BTW, I'm not sure why we haven't hung out in what seems like over a year but David, you, Becca, and I should all go have a drink sometime.