Wednesday, August 22, 2007

time to join in

first, i'd like to join the internet cry heard round the world. what's happened to our beloved ob/sc? i'm pretty sure i can't make it thru grad school without tina ballerina. i don't even know anyone who really knows our disappeared blogger. maybe little brother will be able to get the info for me.

second joining in for the day was the phil/lit party at harris' house tonight. pretty fun. got some free wine and snacks and got to hover on the periphery of a heidegger debate. i have a particular knack for landing right on the outskirts of those of those convos. can't participate, can't seem to leave.

even tho i can be totally socially awkward and only talked to a couple of people tonight, i think i did a fine job for the first foray into school social functions. and tonight was just a practice night anyway; i will bring the true party out on saturday. this town isn't even ready for the me of saturday night.

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