Friday, August 17, 2007

romance of the next semester

i usually get excited for school to start--buying various colors of pen and making lists are pretty high on my list of fun things to do-- but i'm especially dreading it right now and i'm not sure why. so pushing pause on that whole passage of time bit would be ideal. it's friday and classes resume on monday so let's just pause the motherfucker right here. ugh, and i had like three stupid caucus/convocation/meeting things to go to today that were a pretty big drag. unfortunately, one of those meetings started at 10:000am and not 10:30, a fact i discovered at 9:45. bummer for me. i left the house like frickin tornado girl without my coffee and without brushing my teeth.

at any rate, i'm ready to be the misbehaving grad student girl who wears big nicole richie sunglasses indoors and puts on lip gloss instead of listening to anyone. but i guess i haven't passed my prelims yet, so it's not time to start bothering the elders. plus, i don't have a million dollars to support me if i fail out or even a good partner in delinquency. it's not as fun without someone to giggle with. and, really, nobody can fill aev's shoes in that regard. showing up to that ewing manor place in illinois still drunk for free food instead of the rhet/comp conference in sunglasses and name tags that read 'please, no photos' was a total highlight of my one year in normal.

i better try to shake this crappy mood and get back into the game. i have to play teacher on monday, after all. i also have to submit completed and signed reading lists by the end of the month and, instead of being almost complete, they're actually really ragged little monsters right now. i just wonder where all the romance went, all the excitement for school to get going. maybe i'll get it back over the weekend. or maybe, come monday, i'll roll into 106 with enormous glasses and a cigarette. kids like people who kind of want to die, right?

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