Sunday, August 26, 2007

on the swish

so my crazy generous father donated to the jb health cause by buying me an elliptical trainer (aka the swisher) as an early xmas present. which means that now there is an enormous and strange looking piece of equipment sitting in the middle of my downstairs. but i love it very much and can acknowledge that i forfeit my right to fuss abt it ruining my carefully worked out downstairs aesthetic. cuz now when it's nasty humid outside i can exercise to fabolous, ciara, lil mama, etc in the cool air conditioned comfort of my own home.

at any rate, i totally effed up what i'm calling 'the new health' by drinking up a storm at the welcome back english dept party. i also ate a very necessary if highly caloric 5:00am snack of frozen pizza while watching 24 at ridiculous volumes. my neighbors must love me, i'm sure. the party was fun tho, nice to get some social contact with human beings who aren't david. one part of my new semester's resolutions is to work on developing some effing friends up in this one horse town. david rocks and there's no one i'd rather be hung over with but i miss having girlfriends around.

somehow i don't have the sunday blues tho. maybe it's b/c finally losing the hangover feels so good that i don't care abt teaching tomorrow. plus, my honors comp kids seem awesome and sweet and several of them even stayed after class to talk to me abt nothing in particular. and hughes finally wrote back and approved my reading lists which is an enormous weight off my mind. so things are going along swimmingly, i believe. except now i'm vaguely afraid at what might go down having said that...

i also have this looney tunes idea that i want to have a big nye bash at my parents' place in arizona. no, it's not too early to start thinking abt new year's eve. not when you do it like i do it. it would only work tho if i could convince everyone (including all of my brother's friends and all my bay area friends) that a trip to the desert would be both free and extraordinarly fun. i'm envisioning awesome multi-generational attendance, lots of homemade food, and this bizarrely awesome latin jazz band that i saw at bon's opening party last summer. come on, people, let's make this work.

("Ghost Ship and Bloom" Alexia Stamatiou)

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