Wednesday, August 29, 2007

no so much

to blog abt right now. being a good busy bee teacher and future prelim taker. expecting to get bruce fink's 'lacan to the letter' in the mail tomorrow which should be instructive. thankfully, i no longer believe that lacan's right about objet a, the object cause of desire. nor do i buy girard's theories abt mimetic desire. so, i think i'm finally nearing healthy on the whole desire issue. not that i ever expect to be content. that would probably equal dead for me anyway.

so, what else? looking forward to the super ultimate in laziness that will be the forthcoming weekend. looking forward to eating popcorn and watching '10 things i hate abt you' with a david (who's never seen it before!) and a carmel nut brownie luna bar (i have a senti brother to thank for this new snack item). i'm happy that i've snagged a supportive diss director--she asked after my mom, wanted to know if i've been sleeping enough, and wrote me a note that said 'go for it!' the other day. i'm also really interested in my students this semester; i've got a good handful of world travelers, movie lovers and passionate readers. so it's looking pretty decent over here.

i also had a good laugh today when i sat down to edit a paper for a november conference. i needed to shorten it from approx 20 double spaced pages to 8 single spaced ones which can often be confusing and traumatic. turns out there were only 8 decent pages anyway, the rest was completely whacked out and/or irredeemably stupid. ah, the products of last semester, so sad! made the editing pretty easy tho...

'silvercup' by kim beury

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