Thursday, August 30, 2007

i don't feel so good

the back of my throat hurts, i'm sneezy and i have a headache. does this happen with allergies? i usually don't get them so i'm assuming i've got the beginnings of a cold. which sux. but that's what a strict nyquil/dayquil regime is for. so i'm drinking some trader joe's mango black tea with some fresh lime juice and it's quite nice. i'm finally acquiring a taste for tea altho sometimes i still feel that it tastes like dirty leaves.

it didn't help my brain any that i had to teach a class full of zombies today or that i started reading bruce fink. he's very clear and some of lacan is interesting to me but i'm only on page 19 and i've already had all the phallus i can take. enough phallus for one day, anyway. and i haven't even gotten to the chapter on how the phallus is also the square root of negative one. so there's something to look forward to.

later tonight to make myself feel better i think i'll make some chocolate chip cookies and eat some nyquil with a white russian or two. talk abt a recipe for sleeping like a baby angel.

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