Thursday, August 2, 2007


drinking morning coffee (for the second time) at russell's fab estab in alameda.  earlier, i dropped hermanito and his lovely lady friend at park n' ride then came back to his apt and crashed the eff out.  i am NOT used to walking around and/or operating motor vehicles at 7am.  but now it's noon and i'm ready to go.

plus, it's sunny out!  hurray for sun, who i haven't seen for what feels like days.  so my big plans today are to eat somebody's luna bar (if it's yrs, i'll replace it), go for a run at the beach in the medes, visit trader joe's, then go read books at a cafe in the city.  will it be the grove on fillmore?  will it be revolution cafe?  who knows?  it could even be samovar so i can drink out of their awesome silver cups.  that's the beauty of finally having a car.   thanks russ.

another trip highlight: last night russ and ci and i had a lovely wine, salad and crepes dinner at ti couz where we were seated next to the most precious french babies ever invented.  curly blonde hair, bare feet, falling asleep on the wooden benches after their dinner.  there was also a precious french mom replete with requisite frenchy scarf and precious french au pair.  it was all really very san francisco casual cosmopolitan.  despite its always interesting clientele, ti couz is just definitely one of my favorite restaurants in sf.  maybe later someone will meet me for dinner at waziema.

wow, this carmel nut brownie luna bar really isn't half bad.  

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