Sunday, August 12, 2007

back it up

i want to give a brief retroactive cheers to the ladies of ucsd who i got to hang out with last saturday night. see below. we sat around and talked and ate homemade mac n' cheese and what i'm now calling nigella's 'chili loves cornbread,' chips, guacamole, and some intellectually confounding but actually quite awesome scharffen berger apple-chocolate cupcaked things. some of us talked abt issuing actual live human beings from our nether-regions and others of us just drank a lot of wine and pretended not to hear the 'marriagebabies' convo. the actual baby that attended was super precious and totally got me in the mood to be auntie jen, altho i might need to find another sibling if i want to achieve biological auntie status anytime soon.

not that i needed to be reminded, but i sure quickly remembered how cool and special the erc girls are. i also think that the new pomegranate tree tattoo hasmig's rocking on the inside of her forearm is cool and special. makes me wanna bite her style and get a tattoo there too. maybe as a present for going abd at the end of the year? i think i'll start pondering.

so, here's to miller, lorena, chida, kim, hasmig, christy, christine, deanna and sarah (in absentia). college would have been totally lame without you. and please don't all go and get married or knocked up any time soon b/c that would scare the crap out of me.

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