Wednesday, August 8, 2007

and though i'm hot, together we burn it up

so my escape from the midwest is oh-fficially over. siiiiiiiigh.

i don't know if i'm really ready to be back here. i feel pretty refreshed, sort of like i bathed in normalcy for two weeks. we'll see if that carries me through the semesters that seem to stretch in front of me to infinity. last night i had a dream that i was teaching my new honors composition course in which one dude answered his phone, a girl told me my syllabus was too stupid for her and another guy took off his pants. let's hope i don't run into them on aug 20; i might just do my three laps around the room and make for the bay. or even arizona really...just west.

thank all that is good and proper that the david was at the indy airport to usher me back into the utter unbelievable baloney that is living in small town indiana. he's the shit. he makes everything fun. plus, i got bubba from doggy jail (and dropped $580 in bail!!!!!) and she's snawing logs (the best term for snoring ever invented, btw, which started as an inadvertant combo of 'snoring' and 'sawing logs' and is now totally its own thing. in a similar way, the grocery store became the goat cheese store but that's just digression beyond belief) on the floor by my feet.

maybe i'll perk up in a day two. really, i just miss my parents and my brother and my friends. it makes me get teary when i think abt it actually. because it's been a long summer, because i'm tired of always missing someone, because i feel like i'm holding my breath until i actually start living. also, i just kind of cry whenever now.

okay, i'm gonna stop being a baby. why? because my mom is getting healthy all fucking fabulous gangbusters like and all my friends are gorgeous. fin.

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