Friday, August 3, 2007

and again

yesterday was awesome so i've decided to pretty much just do it over again.  only tonight, instead of meeting deanna and russell at betelnut, i will meet a crew of girls in the mission.  and russ and ciana.  yay.

i have been spending money like a drunken princess over here.  it's not all my fault tho!  yesterday, i was killing time before dinner so i stopped in ambiance on union street.  before i knew it, they had given me a little plastic cup of champagne and a raffle ticket.  then five min later i won the raffle and, giddy from my winnings and cheap champagne, i was practically forced into buying a coat.  and seriously, people, i do need a coat.  somehow i managed to forget what "summer" is like in sf.  forget the fact that i leave for arizona on sunday.  at least i'll be warm until then.

i also bought a watermelon colored sports bra with a little pocket for a key.  brilliant!  i've been tying my key onto my shoelaces so now that situation is remedied.  and i forgot to bring a sportsy brassiere to my brother's house so now i can actually really run on the beach (unlike yesterday where it was a sort of uncomfortable lilting walk).  so now i've done all the justification i can do; the rest has been totally needless money squandering.

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