Friday, July 13, 2007

too much popcorn and diet pepsi

my stomach is all gurgles but the new harry potter is effing wonderful. i may be super emotional right now, but i totally almost cried twice. and i've decided that magic fight scenes are up there in my favorite kinds of fight scenes-- probably number two next to one on one martial arts fight scenes (or any fight scene involving matt damon). i never space out during magic fight scenes the way i do with car chases or big war fight scenes.

i made banana bread tonight to bring to sarah's as a sort of hostess gift. i typically only burn her cds but i've had this horrifying habit lately of vomiting on, destroying or otherwise damaging some element of her personal property every time i visit. it may have been beckett that got tangled in sarah's computer cords and knocked the monitor to the floor while simultaneously ripping the speakers out of the cpu, but i must take responsibility for the actions of my pet. so, banana bread.

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