Tuesday, July 31, 2007

a quick hello

san francisco is lovely despite it's general foggy chillyness. highlights thus far include waking up for tea and nectarines at lorena's precious richmond pad, running to baker's beach and later reading paul auster's new york trilogy at cafe lo cubano on california st.

also saw dj am on friday at ana mandara, split a bottle of champagne with lorena and xine. the scene was trashtastic l.a. style but totally entertaining. today i froze my ass off walking around fort funston looking for a decent place to sit down and start the martin amis novel.

tonight it's dinner with the ladies at range in the mish. yay.

more later abt the lovely down time in az and hanging with the family which was sorely needed and completely appreciated. esp tennis with brother bear and badminton in the pool with the p's.

right now i'm gonna hop in the shower to take the chill out of my bones and get ready for going out. then i'm gonna have a couple martinis to help me forget that i miss my guy and my dog so bad that i actually, by extension, miss indiana.

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