Wednesday, July 18, 2007

not be all, you know, whatever...

but i found my first purdue teacher review on ratemyprofessors today. it was very nice. not as awesome as the one ellen got last year :) and i always wish i could be the tough-but-inspiring teacher but i have to acknowledge that that's not where i'm at now. i need to practice my rap and pass some prelims before i start worrying abt hardcore teaching. but, you know what, i had a lot of inspiring teachers in college and not a single fucking one of them smiled at me when i came to visit them during office hrs. that is some serious baloney right there. and since i don't buy into the hazing culture of grad school one ounce then maybe i won't be the hardass at all. maybe instead i'll shoot for being the professor who is rigorous but who also can still be a human being to their undergrads. i'd say grad students too but i'd really be kidding myself if i thought i'd end up somewhere with a grad program.

anyway, highlight of the review is that now there's proof that jb has "plenty of oomph and is always immaculately dressed." i've always thought so, anonymous reviewer; thanks for noticing.

picked up the first four books that duvall put on my reading list today. i'd be looking forward to them except for the fact that all of them are over 350 pgs. bummer for me. on the upside of all this reading is that i'm reading faster. i'm rarely proud of myself for stuff, but i really do read fast and now i read faster. 263 pages in a small portion of yesterday, por ejemplo. or maybe that's cuz ian mcewan isn't confusing. anyway, i ran into this hilarious passage in child in time last night and it is totally what i say to myself when i'm mad and sick of myself. it comes from an american tennis coach (and what's up with the tennis books this summer?):

"you're passive. you're mentally enfeebled. you wait for things to happen, you stand there hoping they're going to go your way. you take no responsibility for the ball, you're making no active calculations about the next move. you're inert, spineless, you're half asleep, you don't like yourself. your racket has to be going back sooner, you've got to be moving into the stroke, going in low, enjoying the movement. you're not all here. even as i'm speaking to you now you're not all here. you think you're too good for this game? wake up!"

i might post that to my fridge for when prelims come. tough self-love and all that.

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noweverybody said...

Awesome quote. I am sadly one of those peeps as well. And not a terribly fast reader.