Saturday, July 7, 2007

i know i'm full grown

but, man, i hate dealing with bureaucratic stuff. i've recently been flooded with so much insurance nonsense i feel like i'm in a kafka story. like i might accidentally get myself sentenced to death if i fill out one of these forms wrong. and i should have known better than to have looked at the graduate manual at midnight last night. i think i scared myself out of fun for a month.

but i had a really good run today and celery bog was full of dark blue butterflies. either that or i'm in the buggy phase of detox from some substance of which i'm unaware. i remember when matt had really bad hangovers; he thought he saw black cats everywhere, just out of the corners of his eyes. i'm totally familiar with when the black cats come with yr hangover. however, today it was dark blue butterflies and not only were they in the corners of my eyes but they also rammed into me on a few occasions. i haven't given up anything recently and i'm not hungover so they can't be detox butterflies. not that i plan to give anything up entirely, but i've decided i want to focus on being more of an athlete. i used to be. i used to be strong and a lot tougher than i am now.

for starters, i'll be an athlete for a week and then i'll go to chicago and drink and eat like a little spoiled piglet and wear my brand new anthro dress that i haven't even worn once yet. then when i get back to dullsville, i can re-evaluate athlete status.

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