Tuesday, July 10, 2007


so mini reunion plans in sf are shaping up. looks like a lot of the college girl friends will be making their way to the bay and only one out of ten of us has a baby. i am def excited to meet said baby but i am also very very glad that most of my college ladies are sans husband and sans kinder. i may be 31 but i am not ready for husbands and family. i mean, i have the awesomest boyfriend ever invented (like, i don't even want to profane this thing with him by writing abt it publicly) and i imagine that one day i might want a kid but no no no no no no no no not now. if i could be any more emphatic i would. point being i'm happy that other women my age seem to think along similar lines. it's nice to have non married, non baby company.

but i didn't mean this post to be abt what i don't want or don't have. i love these girls i met 12 (!) years ago. i miss them. i remember when i consistently chose them over my college boyfriend. for a reason, i might add. these girls make me feel alive and loved and bring out the best parts of me--the most smart, the most generous, the most fun, the most genuine. and i value their uniqueness, bizarreness, particularity and general beauty (they're all so pretty, i'm serious) like i can barely express.

it took me a long time to feel like i found a place. i hated high school; i thought everyone was retarded (except for dee, claro). and the first time i ever felt really free was at ucsd. funny how now again i feel trapped and now again i get a trip away for their company.

in addition to being bright, inspiring, and unafraid, weird shit always happens when we're together. por ejemplo:

what happened here? dunno. don't remember.

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