Friday, July 13, 2007


thanks to somaieh i can now officially bleach my own hair. well, okay, she bleached it for me and i observed so that the next time i get gross roots i can do it myself. so i'm finally all purpled up again and ready to go to chicago tomorrow for good time fun adventures with sarah. cheers to somaieh who is funny and chic and smart.

unfortunately i'm v hung over today from post bleach party celebrations. adryan was out and i met new people from the history department and political science dept and two of them were adorable french girls. david met up later and then when we got back to my place at three we ate a ton of pizza and passed out. the new best pizza is trader joe's roasted vegetable pizza. it doesn't have cheese on it which makes it very strange that i actually like it but, man, this stuff is so good. carmelized onions and artichoke hearts and bell peppers. try it and you'll see. other new discoveries this week include how good both strawberry gatorade and fruit punch + berry gatorade are. so good. fruit punch + berry saved me at 8am this morning when some crazy ass person was sawing trees or something right outside my window.

so, good times! except for the hangover which is slowly fading with coffee. i have my hair all the way i like it; i love my new adidas tennis skirt; and i might have a new friend! beep beep beep.

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