Monday, July 9, 2007

eight years of sweetness (and snoring)

happy birthday to beckett, the dog love of my life. i got her when she was an eight week old tiny baby puppy. see above (which is tiniest-littleist b i ever knew). and like this:

and this:

beckett makes me laugh every day. when i come home she looks amazed to see me and she scoots sideways all the way across the room to say hello and then sneezes all over my shins. a very similar greeting happens in the morning b/c i think she forgets where she is and that all the same people who went to bed next to her will also be waking up in the same place.

beckett's likes are: meat cereal (aka dog food), saltines (who am i kidding? all food), cuddling up to people's curves while sleeping, snuffling grass and shrubberies, licking cats and sleeping on as many pillows, blankets and puffy items as she can collect under her in a giant nest. beckett also occasionally likes to put her ass on my pillow. not anybody's pillow, of course, my pillow. see example from my old apt:

beckett's dislikes are: full garbage bags and any objects that are tall or in different places than they usaully are. beckett also hates loud noises, especially the vacuum cleaner and loud barking. beckett refuses to sleep alone.
i can't believe i kept her alive until she got to be like this:

bottom line is that i sold my first car to afford her and there is just simply no other dog for me. so cheers to beckett...aka bubba, buddy, peanut, walnut, peanut butter, pb&j, monster, smooch, fatso, pudgy, buggly, wigglesworth, b, b-easy, beezy, peachy, peachypeanut, poochy, snuffles, and baby bear.

i love you beckett!!!!

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