Thursday, July 5, 2007

and again

today was another day of fun hungover tennis. i finished ij yesterday and i'm having some separation anxiety. i'm already halfway through ian mcewan's saturday but i'm bored and listless b/c i miss hal and don and mario and pemulis and i'm beginning to wish my name was ann kittenplan for no other reason than it sounds pleasant. it's been a while since i've felt attached to characters--but i guess after a 1000 pages you feel like you've spent quality time with the folks. the mcewan is dull as a dirt sandwich, relatively. and probably really just empirically.

i'll probably be bummed out abt the book being over and having none of the storylines really resolved for a couple more days. but soon i go to chicago to hang with sarah and after that to az and ca. also, i bought some twinkle lights for my office at school. and some laura mercier makeup and an adidas tennis skirt from so i really have no reason to feel low. plus, this lady makes me happy:

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