Thursday, June 14, 2007

they say a close mouth don't get bit

today was really lovely. even more lovely in the glow of the three stiff margs i finished with (before, around, after) dinner. i'm beginning a lifelong quest to find my perfect margarita. david said i will never accomplish this task because i have not accepted the beauty of introducing diet squirt into the margarita situation. i am a purist and i think that he's wrong. i tripped him up tho in the discussion b/c of the "my perfect marg" thing. this is for me, not you. if i want 3 oz. cuervo silver, 1 oz . triple sec, the juice of one lime and three glugs of margarita mix, i'll be damned if you say otherwise. and lots of ice and lots of salt.

anyway, had a fab lunch with sarah in downtown and then bought some ridiculous dresses at anthropologie. one 60s sheath dress with whacked out white banana leaf print on a brown background and one black loungey slip for house loungery. if you don't hang with me in my apartment (and i guess only beckett and david do) you don't know that i'm obsesessed with comfy lounge wear. anthropologie is, like, the best place to shop for these things b/c nice stuff is always on sale.

i also bought a bowl and two mismatched glasses from crate n' barrel. mismatched house gear is the way to go. it's so boring if all yr stuff is the same, right? better if it matches in the sense that you love it and you chose it.

i think i got sunburned at lunch. i think i only slept for 4 hrs last night and i know i drove for four hrs today. i'm a little punchy. let's talk tomorrow; i need another marg.

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