Monday, June 18, 2007

so unmotivated

it seems like a foot-half-in-day to me. half here, sort of not. i had the hardest time making myself do pilates. makes me almost miss the antsy anxiousness of the roids. at least then i got shit done. well, let's be fair, myself...i did get stuff done today. lots of school type errands and i finally returned adryan's volatile bodies and 'the bird and the bee' cd. plus we had a nice (if heartburn inducing) lunch in the west laf. and i returned my rental car and read some infinite jest at royale. so, in all fairness, the only thing i had difficulty getting myself to do was roll around on the floor making awkward shapes with my legs to some woman in full body spandex who sounds like sarah jessica parker. and, really, no one wants to do that.

but siiiigh nonetheless. i've got lackadaisicality. the air's out my sails. i'm feeling eyeoreish and yawny and vaguely like in a day or two i might want to punch someone in the face. ah! i must have pms. funny how i forget abt that every month until i feel craptastic for no good reason and my boobs hurt and then i'm like, omg, no wonder. so there we have it. mystery solved. which reminds me, i'm beginning a list of all the products/services/companies i would totally spokesperson for regardless of monetary reward. rough draft version:

1. weight watchers (anything that helps a girl lose 47 lbs is going to earn lifelong devotion.)
2. nuva ring (birth control you only have to remember once a month? why, i'm sold!)
3. haig's spicy hummus and hummus from the nile restaurant in hyde park (hummuses, you're the best.)
4. san pellegrino bubbly water (i litterbug the bottles all over my apt but i secretly think it's okay b/c the bottles are so pretty to me, like art. as long as they're the glass ones and not the plastic ones, of course.)

this is a short list, i know. but i'm trying to be very particular.

sometime this week i'm going to bleach my own roots. this is very scary for me as i'm not typically good at these types of girly things. the larger, underlying question is: how long should i keep the front parts of my hair purple? is it time to grow my hair long and dark again? i'm attached enough to the purple to keep it for a few more months. i will be asking for opinions on this shortly.

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