Thursday, June 21, 2007

played tennis yesterday for the first time in quite a while. i suck again but it was very fun to get out and run around (even though i still swing and miss with the jenny-one-eye thing). in a related vein, i saw my neuro-ophthalmologist on tues. i wish it were as sexy to have a neuro-ophthalmologist as it is to have, say, a morally casual psychiatrist or pharmacist or something. i mean, in the sense that they might give you fun prescription meds not in the might-sleep-with-you sense. and anyway, i get a creepy religious vibe off dr. s; the guy is 40 tops and has six kids. a little weird. at any rate, i did some whacked out vision testing and it was very fun to see how much my eye has improved. it doesn't hurt anymore and i can see a lot more than i could a month ago (for instance, before i could only read the big E on the vision chart but now i can see, mas o menos, until row 6). i still have one bad spot where he can shine a really bright light and i can't see it but he thinks it should get better over time. i have to go back for an mri in 6mos to make sure i don't have ms and if i don't (which i'm sure i won't) i don't have to have another one for a year. fab.

i'm planning to make today one of those get serious days where i actually work hard instead of considering 'work' to be lying around in my knickers reading tiny bits of infinite jest and then taking breaks to look for art on the internet. given that it's 2:30pm and i've only just walked the dog and had my first cup of coffee, i have some catching up to do.

will start my productivity sesh with a peanut butter and banana sandwich and will hopefully end the day having finished putting a reader together for fall. i'm also going to commit to having my teaching web site done by tomorrow. yipes.

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