Friday, June 22, 2007

a little less than totally productive

but not exactly shiftless either. my web site is almost done and my reader is also almost done. i'm content with that for the time being. tonight we ordered monical's and watched part of a shitty romantic comedy. we haven't ordered pizza in more than 6mos for sure and it was bloody awesome. totally the best thin crust pizza locally available. it's no lucca's in bloomington or ascona in blackhawk or even zachary's in berkeley, but it'll do for my midwestern sojourn. anyway, the movie sucked so bad that both david and i decided we'd rather read. so here's to friday night craziness! i just got margaret drabble's 'the waterfall' in the mail today so i'm abt to strip down to my knickers and crawl in bed with a nice pellegrino. then maybe later i'll take a couple benedryl so i can manage to fall asleep before 4am. i've got big farmer's market plans for tomorrow in the late morning, you know. siiiigh.

i blame my lack of drunken bar craziness on the fact that there is nothing going on in this town. if i had a new bar to try and money to try it with, i would def drag david out of the house, margaret drabble novel or no. look at me, defending myself to myself and to the internet. like, insisting "i'm fun! i am fun!" but god, i haven't felt fun in the go out and drink and laugh and maybe topple over, maybe flirt with some girl bartenders in effing forever. i want to make some improvements in that aspect of my life. i don't feel well rounded unless i access that drunk and noisy part of myself on a regular basis. man, the sf peeps better put their drinking shoes on and lace them up tight. by the time i get out there in august i might be totally bonkers. at least there's also a mid-july trip to chicago for some good time fun nightlife adventures.

for the time being, though, it's midnight and i'm in for the night. blahwistful.

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