Sunday, June 24, 2007

the lake and stars

i watched 'rumor has it' with david last night and it made me think, again, abt how much i hate romantic comedies that revolve around what i would (in academic-speak) call the narrative of settling. several of these movies come to mind and i'm sure there are more but i'm thinking specifically of high fidelity and beautiful girls. i really like both these movies, btw, but i hate hate hate the endings--that we're asked to leave the theatre (or be stuck on our couches, in our homes) with characters who choose really-pretty-nice-but-not-at-all-exciting complacency over the fireworks-but-impractical character. false dichotomy! false dichotomy! false dichotomy! as though daily life precludes a passionate connection. like fireworks are limited to just really wanting to sleep with someone for the first couple of months. feh! reality and real love and gottahaveyou can all exist together and (fuck you movies!) i'd prefer a tall whiskey and infinite solitude to even the whisper of walking down the aisle with mr. he'll-make-a-good-dad.

i'm not retarded; i know that really, meaningfully incorporating another person into daily life is hard and that people are complicated and come with rumpled slacks and old knickers and habits that are both peculiar and irritating. but i refuse to believe that accepting those things means saying goodbye to the idea of a great, explosive love--that sense that you're with someone who can completely change your life, who you'd crawl across glass in yr nicest pair of thigh high stockings for, who really just has to be the last person you talk to before you fall asleep. and i sure as shit don't want to waste two hrs of my life watching a movie that urges me toward emotional suburbia.

anyway, they're a pet peeve of mine, these movies. i'll let it go now and get back to infinite jest which i put down for a few days to read margaret drabble's the waterfall. maybe later on i'll take as my rant topic novels that feature neurotic women who lack both a sense of purpose and a sense of humor. but i suppose that's a pet peeve for another time.

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