Friday, June 1, 2007

june one

i talked to my mom today! she sounds like she's been bound and gagged with plastic devices for two weeks, but hearing hear voice was the best thing ever invented. i totally cried b/c i'm a sappy girl who can't keep it together anymore but she's just gonna have to deal with that for the time being.

i am totally committed to making june a good, fun, productive, healthy month. i am going to make myself read, even if i have to do it with the crazyass eye patch that my dad sent me as a (sort of) joke. i am going to make myself exercise b/c even tho david makes me feel like a ball of sexy squishyness, i know it's mostly just ball of squishyness (and prednisone, motherfuckers! that stuff will make a pruney, coked out, oxycontin popping lindsay lohan retain water).

i've made a list of all the drink specials at my favorite bars in town and a list of potential sites for adventures. 8 west has free appetizers from 5-7, big black leather chairs and a really nice french connection martini. downstairs at the lcg has lovely ice cold stella in pretty glasses if you wanna come read books and drink beer with me in the late afternoon sometime. i'm also going looking for lakes and other assorted bodies of water. so send me a txt or an email if you'd like to get in on some good time fun memory adventures.

now i'm gonna eat some waffles cuz they totally help bring the fun.

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