Wednesday, June 13, 2007

good accompaniment for exoticism

seems like everything is holding. i've been reading, not really exercising, decorating my office, making plans. oh, i also had bilateral breast ultrasound day last friday and doctor lady said that i officially do not have breast cancer. (!) waiting for doctor to read ultrasound results while laying half naked, half propped up on a weird triangular pillow with slimy ultrasound lube on yr bosoms is a potential ptsd moment for sure. but then she said it was no biggie so i cleaned up and drove away and had sandwiches with david.

i've also recently added some odd things to my 'eventually want to do' list such as 1. make a chandelier and 2. have a moon garden (a part of yr garden dedicated to white/silverish night blooming flowers). i don't have a garden and i probably won't for years and i actually kill most plants, even the ones that are near impossible to kill like ivy and cactus. but it sounds very romantic and mysterious to me so i just can't help daydreaming abt some chilled out cocktail party for two in the moon garden. anyway, i also bought myself some peonies at trader joe's yesterday and, in so doing, realized that my taste in flowers is changing. i usually like very simple, planty flowers like tulips and calla lilies, etc b/c too much petaliness seems excessive and sort of indecent. but those peonies just tickle me to no end right now. when i bought them they were tight round bunches, like little flower rocks. today, they are hot pink ruffley puff balls. and i love it! makes me want to rethink ranunculus (adorably enough, also known as 'persian buttercup') but that might be too much too fast.

i finished iris murdoch's the bell and really liked it. even though murdoch always has to kill someone. i have a hard time understanding why i feel so satisfied after reading a murdoch novel but i think it has something to do with how full i feel her books are. they always examine some idea or set of ideas (this time we had religion, homosexuality, maintaining a sense of self in marriage) and they are always packed with tons of material descriptions (food, bodies, collections of things, houses, water). it's that materiality that interests me most these days (and hopefully no one else since it's what i'm writing my dissertation on and i'm paranoid that someone is going to publish a book on this before i get out the gates).

and last saturday i walked myself to the farmer's market and bought a ton of really excellent tomatoes. i forget how bottom line, god damned awesome home grown tomatoes are. really. next to my moon garden, i will have tomatoes.

tomorrow i get to visit chicago to shop and have lunch with sarah. i'm super excited. in other charming news, last night david and i drank a bottle of cotes du rhone that had this pretty precious description:

"a wonderfully fruity red wine with violet, spices and chocolate aromas. excellent served with braised red or white meats. it is also a good accompaniment for exoticism or spicy dishes." too cute.

ps--here are those peonies. and a (much coveted, i know) glimpse into my downstairs loo.

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