Wednesday, May 2, 2007


i'm done writing. i slid that damn paper under sfdh's door at 11:30 tonight and officially said goodbye to coursework. i could say a bunch of nasty things abt why i'm over grad classes but it would (mostly) be the exhaustion talking. so, instead, i'll say that i'm actually looking forward to the prelim process--if not the actual prelims. a whole summer of books, tennis, sunshine and my guy. it just sounds like the best thing ever to me.

also talked to lorena tonight and started making plans for a san francisco visit which is really exciting. sounds like my whole group of college girl friends may be able to make a short trip. man, i miss that city. it is absolutely the city of my heart. barcelona runs a close second but my brother doesn't live there and neither does my deanna or little lorena. so sorry, barcelona, you lose.

here's to hoping my summer is everything it could be.

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