Tuesday, May 22, 2007

various quiches

i decided to pay no mind to that yahoo sentence. if monotony is the key to the skinny life, fuck it. it's my summer time and if i don't have access to an ocean, you better believe i'll be cooking and drinking lots of moderately priced wine. so last night i tried quiche which is funny because i generally hate eggs. but at aparajita's class party, she made two frickin awesome quiches and i've totally been craving them ever since. so i made was tomato and gruyere and spinach and onion with baguette and salad. unfortunately, i believe i under-gruyered the quiches. but, experiment was fun regardless. and will probably be fun tomorrow, re-heated for breakfast since i wake up at 1pm these days.

in unrelated and more depressing news, my mom is in the hospital. she's had pneumonia for what seems like forever and had trouble breathing yesterday. breathing trouble + my mom's worrying tendencies = panic attack so my dad ended up calling 911. it seems like she has some kind of auto-immune problem since they just found out she's also severly anemic. i'm trying not to freak out but what bugs me most is that my mom might be scared in the hospital all by herself. the thought of my mom scared and alone makes me want to cry and then just get on a plane right now. which, honestly, i might start looking into tomorrow. i mean, what good is an unemployed grad student daughter if she can't fly off to arizona at the drop of a hat and entertain her mother with drinking and debauchery stories?

but i start my own hospital adventures tomorrow with an hour long iv drip of steriods. then i do the same thing on thurs and fri. david's coming with me tho and promises to be more interesting than the family tv programming that will, i'm sure, be rocking st. vincent's pavilion b. jesus fuck, when did i get so old that health problems started being an issue? i mean, i hate to blog abt this shit all the time but when yr body is not behaving correctly, it is completely consuming. i also think it's very uncool that my brother's celiac disease is auto-immune related and that my optic neuritis is auto-immune related. wtf?

since this blog is highly depressing these days, i would like to recommend reading abt monte (aka soandso) and his current experiences in africa as he helps set up a self-sustaining children’s home for kenyan orphans: nel mezzo del cammin. i'm not even kidding; he's really doing that.

if you'd prefer something raunchier, something truly fabulous with just a hint of self-loathing, my fave blog of all time: orange bottles/silver cans.

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