Saturday, May 19, 2007

variety and hoop earrings

i read this really depressing sentence the other day in a yahoo news "article" about weight loss:

"since variety stimulates the appetite, the more monotonous your diet, the less you’ll eat."

yipes. there go my recipe experiments and every other fun thing in the world. i made some good vegetarian enchiladas the other day that were relatively healthy. but i probably ate too much of them. :( so, yeah, getting fatter over here. finals + loss of vision = treating myself to a lot of things that are only making me rounder. the opthamologist said the eye thing should start getting better by next week so maybe then i'll be less prone to treating myself.

cuz i have this vision of myself over summer that does not include a pudgy belly. more like the bronzey girl who hangs out by pools and wears white tennis skirts and one of those perfumes by escada that smell like sexy fruit punch (they have names like 'ibiza dream' for reals) . and, since this is a fantasy vision, i'll also add to that some enormous hoop earrings, a really nice phone and some ultra posh sunglasses. i'll stop there tho b/c i think the next step would be, like, a pearlescent escalade and demanding that everyone call me poodle or something.

anyway, i start a two week course of steroids next week. rad. my neurologist said i might get anxious and have trouble sleeping which means i might actually get something done instead of reading blogs and playing tennis all day.

one-eyed tennis is pretty hilarious, btw.