Friday, May 4, 2007


finished grading. will submit monday. now i'm going to hit the couch with some pellegrino and living etc. then i'm gonna type up my rough draft reading list to send to rowe. the reading list thing is pretty fun even tho i keep getting sidetracked to sit down and read over my favorite parts from books i haven't looked at in a while. so far i got sucked into marguerite duras' the lover and gabriel garcia marquez's love in the time of cholera. i'm such a sappy romantic when it comes to the books except that i prefer them to be obsessive and full of sex and heartache.

i haven't really decided where to draw the line of disclosure here with this blog, maybe because i'm convinced no one reads it. but i feel compelled to write out some of my anxiety abt having to visit the doctor on monday. if you know me, you know i have a paralyzing phobia of doctors, doctor's offices and hospitals. i freak out so bad that i've literally been diagnosed with white coat syndrome--when you get high blood pressure at the doctor's office and nowhere else. look it up, fuckers, it's real. anyway, i have to go for (yet another) breast exam with a specialist on monday morning. unfortunately for me, i have tits as dense as rocks. i put this one off forever b/c i really do feel like it's nothing. but then there's the off chance i've been ignoring cancer for, like, a year. so i'm freaking out a little bit.

alright, i kinda feel better having put that into words. now back to denial, my couch and that home mag.

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