Wednesday, May 9, 2007


well, i've got ocular neuritis. which, i'm told, does occur in healthy people but most often occurs in people with ms. so, potential major bummer. i had an mri today to find out and i should hear in a couple of days. mri's are scary. there are lots of loud jackhammer noises, beepy noises, whirring and clicking sounds. i also had to get a shot so they could see "contast" and pay attention to my "orbits." whatevs.

i also took took two relpax for my migraine which is kicking ass even tho i still can't see anything out of my right eye. yesterday, i got a shot of imitrex and a big old needle full of painkiller in my ass. good times.

anyway, big ups to david who is keeping me distracted with movies, milkshakes and lots of lovin.

oh, and the bosom doctor says all's well but ordered an ultrasound to be sure. fun fact: mammograms are ineffective on women under 35. who knew?

right now, i'm going to make a sandwich with lots of arugula and then david and i are going to bed bath and beyond to hit up those massage chairs. after that, it's anybody's guess. i might just drink enough maker's to knock me out until friday.

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