Sunday, May 6, 2007

kicked it in the er

so body freak out 2007 continues on, much to my surprise. on thursday i got another nasty migraine--probably from staring at the computer screen and writing like a maniac. but this migraine is special b/c it comes with the addition of not really being able to see out of my right eye. awesome. so the david and i spent most of our sunday at home hospital where i found out that i don't have diabetes or brain cancer. a minor fyi to our friends at home hospital, it is so so so not cool to give a girl a cat scan and then leave her alone in a sterile, depressing eye examination room to freak out for an hour. not cool! i've never fretted so fucking hard in my life. by the time dr. soandso came back to say "cat scan normal," i was practically convulsing. anyway, he said 'ummm, dunno' and gave me a referral to another eye doctor.

so tomorrow i get to go see the bosom doctor and the eye doctor! throw a bajingo doctor in there and it would be like my ultimate nightmare doctor scenario.

anyway, i guess it's 'force jen to get over her phobias' week over here in the greater lafayette area.

i'll stop writing abt doctors and my health now. lemme just get something out of my system by giving a goodnite shout out:


ah, feeling better already.

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