Tuesday, May 1, 2007


slowly but surely working my way toward being done with school. i just finished paper #3. it's 22 pages of what i'm politely calling 'stuff i'm not very proud of.' but it's motherfucking done and that's what counts at this point. i'm delirious--from writing, yes, (it's still hard for me) but also from frozen pizza, ice cream cake, sour gummy life savers and peanut butter twix. also two cherry coke zeros and two big bottles of pellegrino. all i want to do right now is eat and have sex. well, who am i kidding? that's pretty much all i ever want to do. except for usually i'd toss 'read books' into that mix but now i'd rather crawl across glass than read a book.

last year when i finished i watched a solid 8 hrs of buffy by myself. the semester before that i drank several whiskeys, ate potato chips and watched 'lost in translation.' even though i still have to grade and finish/submit a prelim reading list, the first thing i'm gonna do when i'm done tomorrow is go to borders and buy a bunch of fashion mags and living etc (best brit home mag ever invented). then there will be whiskey. even tho david won't be done, i'll throw myself a private martini pajama dance party and see if he can say no.

but, until then, i have one more 20 pg paper to write. and it's due tomorrow at 5pm! and it nearly 1am here! and i have only 3 pages of typed up quotations from a jamaica kincaid book i didn't even like! fuck.

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