Sunday, April 15, 2007

you are the wild blue sky

i can hear warm talking like a party from the restaurant downstairs and strains of piano. it makes me simultaneously happy, like i'm involved in something fun and sad, because i'm right outside of it. i do like coming home to an apartment above a restaurant tho. it always looks warm and pleasant in there with candles flickering on tables and servers rushing around in black aprons. downside being that i constantly want to go out to eat and i totally can't afford it. it's sort of like i imagine sarah feels living right next door to a mexican restaurant with outdoor seating and flowers and pitchers of margaritas visible everywhere. i don't know how she doesn't just mainline margaritas all day every day, living next to that.

it's been a weekend of reading and writing which is pretty boring and sort of depressing. but if i don't get all this shit done ahead of time, i'll be ruined when i get back from my mini-break. i might be ruined anyway. i guess i better get on that manifesto to finish out the semester--i need to give myself a real serious pep talk before i end up with my first B since 1997. not that i'm so smart or anything, there's major grade inflation in grad school. so if i end up with a B, it means i really preposterously tanked on something.

i kind of feel like crying but it just seems like it would take too much energy. i almost published with that last sentence as the ending but it seemed too sad. so in an effort to effect The Policy (see or something like it, i'm going to focus on the nice parts of this weekend.

i took myself to celery bog on friday and today for run-walk which is mostly walking with very little running. but it feels so damn good to be outside and to remember that i have a body that i don't care how little running i do. and there were two girls with three of the tiniest littlest dogs ever invented running around off leash and i got sort of mobbed by them at one point. the dogs, not the girls. it's atually rather pleasant to get attacked by tiny dogs.

also, jose cuervo 1800 silver + margarita mix + extra lime + salt rim = my new favorite drink. they have to be enjoyed in my thick pint glasses with the big cobalt blue stripe for full escapist effect. come over and i'll make you one.

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