Friday, April 6, 2007

yes, please!

i get to visit sarah tomorrow in chicago and i am super excited. not only to get out of small town indiana for a moment, but to hang out with one of the best most funny girls ever. plus, she's getting her hair done which means she'll be ready to go out on the town, big time. and we get to have an atheist's easter brunch on sunday that is rumoured to be fabulous. i can't wait.

tonight we're laying low--drinking wine, playing scrabble and sharing music. and i have another pile of grading to get through as well as Ways of Dying, Paredes, Who Slashed Celanire's Throat? and Mumbo Jumbo by Monday, Tuesday, Tuesday and Weds, respectively. At least they all look pretty interesting.

i am in the mood for a party like you wouldn't imagine. i feel like i've been either sick or busy like a crazy person for a month now and that makes me feel like drinking whiskey and getting in trouble. unfortunately, last time i felt like that i went to sarah's and drank so much wine that i puked a vibrant maroon on her bathmat and slept til 2pm in my party dress. then proceeded to eat all the good left overs from her party and drink all her coke zero until i could manage to drive myself the two hrs home.

so here's to maybe avoiding some, if not all, of that.

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