Sunday, April 1, 2007


i played tennis, went to trader joe's, only graded one paper, cleaned the apartment and drank a bottle of barolo.

oh, i also ate a pizza olympiad which is totally in the running for best frozen pizza ever. neck and neck with red baron 5 cheese. anyone that tells you frozen pizza is bad is a liar. it's awesome b/c you can cook it ten minutes longer than the directions say and end up with good crunchy crust instead of flaccid crust like you get if you order delivery.

tomorrow paul and whitney move into the lcg building which means i have to get my ass up and help at some point in the am. i'm really not a fan of the am hours of the day, unless it's the side where i've been up all night. speaking of, it's 3:19 here and i'm gonna look at this month's bust before i go to bed. it's totally a sleep like a baby angel night.

oh, and beckett learned how to go up the stairs yesterday! we came back from grocery shopping and she had climbed up all on her own. of course i'm afraid she's going to try to climb down on her own and then i'll come home to a doggy with a broken neck and need therapy for the rest of my life and be heartbroken. but so far so good; no dead dogs.

buenas noches.

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