Friday, April 6, 2007


i had a very complimentary meeting with a professor today. a professor who i thought saw me as a sort of dilettante, so the positive evaluation was a little unexpected. anyway, it made me really happy since i've been feeling especially like a dumb dumb and maybe like my passion for this stuff won't get me as far as i hoped it would. i have a lot of self-doubt, especially at the end of a semester where i know i have approx 70 pages of new material to write. what's up with these motherfuckers wanting two completely different papers this semester for each class--and papers that don't draw on the same theory or theory you've worked with before? if the motivation behind these paper guidlelines is that someone doesn't think grad students do enough work or try to skip out on work, i'm gonna mess somebody up. i've never worked so hard for so little cash and so little recognition in my life.

oops. i think the bottle of cote du rhone and my generalized anxiety is starting to piss me off. poor bf and sarah might have to keep me out of a fight tomorrow night.

anyway, bottom line, somebody other than me thinks i'm a good writer and that's nice to hear.

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